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EA review - CEF Phantom Scalper

Rating total:
Live performance:
Risk control:
Vendor link | Price: $1199  (2019.12.24)
Trading strategy: Counter-Trend, Intraday Scalper
Vendor live account: No
Own live account: No
Latest tested version:   1.3
Latest tested date: 2019.09.23
Risk factors: Large spread spikes, slow execution

This EA has been removed from the market. If you are still interested, you could try to contact the seller directly via his profile.

CEF Phantom Scalper trades in the counter-trend direction during sharp price spikes on M1 time frame. After a strong price movement, it opens a stop order in the opposite direction, which will trail the price further into the direction of the spike to get a better entry level. The logic is explained in detail in this blog post.

The concept behind the EA is very interesting and it might work well in the current environment where there are often false breakouts and spikes after news, which often change the direction again. However, in real tick backtests the EA is not profitable with the default settings we use for all backtests. Maybe the auther did not include execution delay, commission and real spread in tests published on The test shown is for the set file with "Medium Aggression". Backtests with "Big/Small Agression" set files produced similar results. 

Our opinion

The EA follows an interesting concept. But the main problem with this strategy is that the stop orders are often triggered too early on spread spikes during strong price movements. Even if it was profitable in backtests, this kind of trading would require a broker with very fair and fast execution.

Fixed lot size backtests

Why do we use fixed lot size (0.1 lots)? Check our educational page.

Dukascopy 2019.09.23, version 1.3

Full backtest report

Strategy Tester: CEF Phantom Scalper
SymbolEURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Period1 Minute (M1) 2010.01.01 02:00 - 2019.09.13 23:59 (2010.01.01 - 2019.09.15)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
ParametersMoneyManagement=1; RiskSetting=1; LotSize=0.1; MaxCurSpread=3; MaxAvgSpread=2.8; EntryOrders=0; Offset=1.7; TrailEntry=true; MinSpikeSize=14; TargetProfit=0; InitialStopLoss=5; TrailingStop=2.5; TSActivationPips=3; TrailingStep=1.5; CorrectISL=false; Spacer13="--------- GMT Trading Hours -------------------"; UseTradeHours=true; BeginTradingHour=8; StopTradingHour=19; TradeTag=""; MagicNumber=321015;
Bars in test3627335Ticks modelled229088249Modelling quality99.90%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit1000.00SpreadVariable
Total net profit1456.60Gross profit5275.30Gross loss-3818.70
Profit factor1.38Expected payoff0.82
Absolute drawdown10.00Maximal drawdown443.40 (17.40%)Relative drawdown17.40% (443.40)
Total trades1770Short positions (won %)1010 (56.93%)Long positions (won %)760 (59.34%)
Profit trades (% of total)1026 (57.97%)Loss trades (% of total)744 (42.03%)
Largestprofit trade39.80loss trade-32.00
Averageprofit trade5.14loss trade-5.13
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)20 (195.70)consecutive losses (loss in money)7 (-30.60)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)195.70 (20)consecutive loss (count of losses)-39.30 (4)
Averageconsecutive wins2consecutive losses2

Full backtest report

Strategy Tester: CEF Phantom Scalper
SymbolEURJPY (Euro vs Japanese Yen)
Period1 Minute (M1) 2010.01.04 00:04 - 2019.09.13 23:59 (2010.01.01 - 2019.09.15)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
ParametersMoneyManagement=1; RiskSetting=0.5; LotSize=0.1; MaxCurSpread=3; MaxAvgSpread=2.8; EntryOrders=0; Offset=2; TrailEntry=true; MinSpikeSize=16; TargetProfit=0; InitialStopLoss=5; TrailingStop=2.5; TSActivationPips=0; TrailingStep=0.1; CorrectISL=false; Spacer13="--------- GMT Trading Hours -------------------"; UseTradeHours=true; BeginTradingHour=21; StopTradingHour=19; TradeTag=""; MagicNumber=321015;
Bars in test3626668Ticks modelled306760645Modelling quality99.90%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit10000.00SpreadVariable
Total net profit-576.45Gross profit5937.85Gross loss-6514.30
Profit factor0.91Expected payoff-0.17
Absolute drawdown729.89Maximal drawdown760.22 (7.58%)Relative drawdown7.58% (760.22)
Total trades3394Short positions (won %)1656 (41.12%)Long positions (won %)1738 (43.79%)
Profit trades (% of total)1442 (42.49%)Loss trades (% of total)1952 (57.51%)
Largestprofit trade58.89loss trade-25.45
Averageprofit trade4.12loss trade-3.34
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)8 (48.61)consecutive losses (loss in money)12 (-52.46)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)58.89 (1)consecutive loss (count of losses)-52.46 (12)
Averageconsecutive wins2consecutive losses2

Portfolio backtest

Link to PDF file

Portfolio backtest

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